Prakriti Aalay guests are guaranteed a unique holiday experience unmatched by any other luxury hotels in Dharamshala when they stay with us at our true eco property in the entire region, and among very few in India.

Rooms and suites at Prakriti Aalay celebrate the area’s rich Kangra heritage and natural charm. The walls are adorned with mud plaster, made of sundried adobes, measuring two feet wide …offering natural insulation, sound proofing and temperature control throughout the year, while hand carved stones adores the lower wall, king size beds, richly cushioned comfort chairs, hand woven jute rugs on rough blue slate floor and chic curtains furnish the spacious windows.

Branching off the airy, open, paint less and tile free corridors, each of our room is bright, spacious and blessed with spectacular views unique amongst any luxury resorts in Dharamshala. From our Forest View Rooms, guests can admire towering pine trees, while our Mountain and River View Rooms afford a magnificent sunrise vista over the Himalayas, overlooking the adjoining glacier fresh white water rivulet Manooni.

Each room is luxuriously furnished, with attached spacious bathroom having state of the art brand fittings. Crafted out of hand made slates, light and dark in shades, each of our bathroom is equipped with pressure backed showers and features a large window to enjoy the view from your own privacy.

Intentionally, No TV at Prakriti Aalay rooms and suites because we believe electronic form of entertainment is not the reason you are staying with us but to connect with the spirit of nature, to re-live with family and friends, and to re-explore the inner you and life all around .