Act of Responsibility

Responsible tourism is the very essence of Prakriti Aalay. The belief and aspects of responsible tourism can be seen and experienced in the making as well as day to day running of Prakriti Aalay, which endeavor to offer not just the luxurious stay but in a truly responsible manner.

We aspire to offer everlasting experiences that will enrich and enlighten our guests …experiences that will tell the importance of eco systems of which we are all a part; and the measures we have taken consciously to lighten-up the load upon an already stressed environment through the Prakriti Aalay initiatives and commitments

Hand crafted Prakriti Aalay is proud to be designed and constructed as per sound vernacular and scientific eco traditions with participation from local artisans. These well-planned measures don’t just serve as our contribution to preserve local culture, responsibility to environment and commitment to our mother nature but also reflects our perseverance to protect and revive rich local traditions which is on verge of extinction.

In a land where time stands still, spirit of nature, …the very philosophy of Prakriti Aalay is finding its true connect with its guests to accomplish its ultimate aim of becoming the most sought after ecological destination for true experiences, while enhancing the economic, social and environmental well-being.