Approach Advice

Prakriti Aalay intentionally maintains a car/vehicle-free boutique eco-property to preserve its natural habitat, promote guests' health by providing a pollution-free environment, and ensure guest privacy from the disturbances of honking, lighting, and music from walk-in guests and their vehicles. We offer a dedicated car parking area for our in-house guests with 24-hour CCTV surveillance at the main road, directly opposite the resort. Guests must trek/climb down approximately 50 metres from the main road/parking area to access the picturesque footbridge leading straight to the property. We emphasise that guests with any physical disabilities, age-related limitations, weight concerns, or any other reasons preventing them from navigating these 50 metres need to reconsider their booking with us. We regret any inconvenience this access policy may cause but prioritise maintaining the resort's natural ambiance. Rest assured, in case of emergency, we have a 4*4 vehicle available to transport guests to the resort and provide priority transport to the nearest hospital.

House Rules and Guidelines

Prakriti Aalay is situated in a tranquil and pristine setting amidst nature, surrounded by forest on one side, a perennial stream of water on the other, with farms and fields nearby. Given the ambiance of our property and the diverse flora and fauna in its surroundings, it is imperative to maintain its serenity and natural integrity. Therefore, loud music, parties within the forest or near the stream, and shouting in rooms, corridors, and lounges are strictly prohibited. Our quiet hours commence at 10:30 PM and extend until 6:30 AM to ensure complete tranquillity for all guests.

Prakriti Aalay is an Eco boutique resort, meticulously crafted using local materials such as stones, mud, bamboo, and recycled wood. Guest areas are devoid of chemical polishes, paints, tiles, plywoods, and carpets, providing a pollution-free natural environment. To uphold this eco-friendly ethos and architectural tradition, we kindly request all guests to respect the local architecture and materials used. Guests are urged not to mistreat or damage any of Prakriti Aalay's assets, infrastructure, or artwork.

All our Superior rooms feature private balconies, and our Villas boast terraces offering breathtaking views of the snow-clad Dhauladhars, forests, and streams. Additionally, we provide a beautiful Yoga and Meditation deck, a low-seating smoking lounge, and several other lounges where guests can enjoy panoramic vistas of the Himalayas while listening to the soothing sounds of water. While using traditional wooden ladders to access the terrace or crossing footbridges to reach the deck, guests must exercise caution, especially when accompanied by children, to prevent any accidents. Prakriti Aalay cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from guest negligence or recklessness.

While we encourage guests to explore the surrounding forests, splash in the stream, and visit nearby farms, it is essential to acknowledge the inherent risks, particularly when accompanied by children or the elderly. During monsoon season, guests are advised to avoid the stream to prevent flash floods. Prakriti Aalay assumes no liability for any loss or damage resulting from guest negligence or excessive risk-taking.

Food order timings are 7 AM to 10 PM.

Prakriti Aalay, a green building designed by the esteemed Didi alias Delia, prioritises eco-friendly construction and operations, negating the need for central air conditioning. Fans are provided in rooms during hot weather, supplemented by oil heaters in winter. All-weather air conditioners are available in select rooms for added comfort. Any essential items not found in guest rooms can be requested from our staff at no additional charge.

Our bar will be operational soon; until then, we do not serve alcohol or any alcoholic products.

Bonfires are permitted only in designated areas to preserve the surrounding forest and wildlife. Services may be suspended during inclement weather.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in rooms, inside common areas, or any shared premises. Open areas are available for the same as well as designated smoking areas are provided for guests' convenience.

Touching or plucking flowers, fruits, herbs, or vegetables on the property is strictly prohibited. Guests are urged to respect the natural environment.

Though trespassers are not allowed, guests are advised to secure their belongings. Prakriti Aalay will not be held responsible for any loss or theft due to negligence.

Laundry services are available in-house; guests are prohibited from doing laundry or drying clothes on the property.

Guests are requested to remove footwear when using the library or indoor games area for comfort. Books and games should be returned to their original positions after use.

Please dispose of waste properly and refrain from littering, especially plastics, to maintain the resort's cleanliness.

Guests are expected to maintain decorum, respecting the privacy and preferences of others, to uphold the spirit of Prakriti Aalay.

During nature hikes, walks, or visits to local villages, guests should respect local traditions and seek permission before taking photographs.

Lighting candles or fires outside designated areas is strictly prohibited to prevent damage or accidents. Guests will be held liable for any resulting damage.

Bathroom amenities are replenished as needed, sourced from reputable chemical-free manufacturers. Linens and towels are changed every other day unless requested otherwise.

Guests are responsible for any damage or breakage incurred during their stay and will be charged accordingly.

To prevent the entry of birds or other wildlife, guests are advised to keep doors and windows closed when away from their rooms.

By booking with us, guests agree to adhere to these rules and guidelines. Prakriti Aalay reserves the right to cancel or amend bookings and charge penalties for non-compliance. These rules aim to ensure a pleasant and stress-free stay for all guests.

Cancellation Policy

If cancelled more than 30 days, before the date of arrival: 10% of the Total Price of the Reservation will be charged/deducted.

If cancelled between 8 to 30 days, before the date of arrival: 50% of the Total Price of the Reservation will be charged/deducted.

If cancelled 0 to 7 days, before the date of arrival and in case of no show: 100% of the Total Price of Reservation will be charged/deducted.

We charge/pre authorise your card for the cancellation/reservation amount as per the card details shared by your respective online travel portal with us, from where you booked your reservation and knowingly shared your card details to get the booking done and as per your consensus to authorise/charge your card as per the cancellation policy, hence No separate approval for pre-authorisation of the card will be sought.