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Welcome to Prakriti Aalay where the pursuit of authentic experiences meets nature's embrace. As the most sought-after ecological destination, we offer a haven for holistic holidays, seamlessly intertwining the spirit of nature, local craftsmanship, traditional authenticity, and the rich cultural heritage of the land. Prepare to embark on a liberating journey unlike any other amidst the stunning Dhauladhars.

Inspired by the opulent Kangra architectural heritage, our resort offers sweeping panoramic views that embrace the timeless beauty of the surrounding landscape. Nestled alongside the perennial Manooni rivulet, sourced from the nearby Himalayan glaciers, and enveloped by verdant Pine forests, Prakriti Aalay presents an idyllic retreat with the entire Dhauladhar range as a majestic backdrop, inviting you to embrace nature in every facet of your stay.

Prakriti Aalay

A New Paradigm of Distinction

Crafted by an Acclaimed International Designer-Architect

Nestled within the natural embrace of Prakriti Aalay, alongside a perennial flowing stream against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, lies the brainchild of our master architect, Delia alias Didi Contractor. Her vision brought to life a luxury resort steeped in traditional aesthetics, vernacular architecture, and an unwavering commitment to ecological sensitivity. Didi, a trailblazer in responsible eco-construction, stands adorned with numerous national and international accolades. Her inspiration stems from a profound love for India and the untouched allure of Himachal Pradesh's natural landscapes.

Prakrity Aalay - spirit Of Nature
Spirit of Nature
Prakrity Aalay - Unique Holidays
International Design
Prakrity Aalay - Bare Luxury
Bare Luxury
Prakrity Aalay - Natural Ambiance
Natural Ambience
Prakrity Aalay - Panoramic View
Panoramic View

The Beginning

At Prakriti Aalay, life completes a circle, driven by the Thakur Family, now headed by Kishore and Amita Thakur, proud owners. With nearly two decades in the corporate world, spanning diverse locations globally, they shifted gears to follow their passion for creating top-notch eco-resorts and campsites. Their first venture, Camp Lungta in Dharmshala, stands as a benchmark in genuine ethnicity, simple luxury, and exceptional service. This same philosophy finds a new home at Prakriti Aalay, catering to more discerning travelers seeking a distinctive experience.

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Unimagined View
Unimagined View

Motivated by the traditional rich Kangra style of architect, this picturesque boutique eco resort of sweeping panoramic vistas is bordered on one side by the perennial Manooni rivulet.

Outdoor Dining
Outdoor Dining

Himalayas and River in the backdrop, At Prakriti Aalay you get Indian cuisine as well as continental food in a way that will make your dining experience truly unforgettable.

Unique Experiences
Unique Experiences

Unique to its natural abundance and with true eco construction, the site forms a perfect backdrop to enjoy the nature – a philosophy on which Prakriti Aalay is built.