Fresh and Distinctive

Conceptualized and executed by International designer architect

Amid Prakriti Aalay’s natural habitat beside a perennial flowing stream with the Himalayas in the backdrop, our master architect Delia alias Didi Contractor envisioned and executed a luxury resort inspired by traditional aesthetics, vernacular architecture and ecological sensitivity. Didi is a pioneer in responsible eco-construction and winner of many national and international awards. She is inspired by her love of India and the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Didi, now a vigorous 88 plus, was born to a German father and an American mother, both Expressionist painters. Her first years were spent in Europe but she grew up in America and she’s spent her adult life in India. In America she studied art, trained as a painter and married a Gujarati engineer, whom she met when they were both studying at the University of Colorado. In the early 1960’s, Didi discovered a career in decoration with the exciting assignment of designing the interiors for the legendary Lake Palace in Udaipur when it was first converted into a celebrated luxury hotel. Since the late 1970s, Didi has lived in the Kangra valley where she has built many distinctive Eco homes, clinics, retirement resort, craft center and large Institutes: Dharmalaya and Sambhaavnaa.

To minimize the environmental impact of building, Didi uses locally available materials. All of her projects, epitome of which is Prakriti aalay, explore the imaginative use of adobe-- the sun dried mud brick traditionally used in the area--, Bamboo, and locally mined slate and stones. Her designs adapt vernacular techniques with elegance and utility to create structures that are full of beauty and surprise. Didi has designed and executed Prakriti Aalay as a True Eco responsible Destination and her own standard of eco practices are far stringent and ahead of the leading global guidelines. Thus Prakriti Aalay is setting a benchmark in the entire region and is one of the very few in the country in responsible tourism with shades of bare luxury; while preserving and showcasing the rich vernacular architect. Designing Prakriti Aalay, Didi aspired to provide a setting for a more consciously refined style of living, making use of both tradition and science to cherish the earth and celebrate natural diversity. In an interview, Didi said, “…the most valuable things are those we cannot buy, like love and sunsets. We have betrayed our relationship with nature. We should be ashamed that we are not leaving behind a better world.” At Prakriti Aalay Boutique Eco Resort we hope to showcase ways to keep alive the beauty of the hills for future generations.